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Monday, July 10, 2017

Homemade Chinese Wheat Gluten 自製面筋

I have never thought of making this Chinese wheat gluten ( one of the ingredient use for vegetarian dish which is high in protein ) until recently learnt from my niece's MIL who is expert in making this Mian Jin 面筋 .

Here is the recipe 
Mix 1kg all purpose flour ( I use blue key brand) and 500ml water and knead till a smooth dough . Cover and rest the dough for 6hrs ( this is the must as to relax the gluten )

 After rest for 6hrs, place the dough in the colander over another large bowl.

Fill the bowl with water 

Use your palm and press the dough , keep pressing until you see water turned white. Discard the white water .

Fill water into the bowl again. Repeat the process by using your palm to press the dough, and change water and fill clean water. 

Washing the dough till the water no more white but clear, take about 30mins.
The final weight i got for this gluten ball was 360g.

Once wheat gluten is ready, use your thumb to pinch a small piece and drop into hot oil to deep fry till golden brown ( first low heat, then high heat )

I gotten about 70-80 big and small puffs.

Fried gluten puffs are ready !

For storing, youcan store the fried gluten puff straight away or you many boil it with salted vegetable soup till soft then store in the container for future cooking.

I especially like to use it to cook Loh Hon Cai vegetarian dish.

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